KNX InDepth (December 12, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, December 12th
A revolution was started because the British wanted to tax tea. So what happens if California decides to tax----text messages on your phone? Well, that is apparently a serious proposal from state regulators. But before you text LOL.....consider the implications. And not just for your phone bill.
We will go In Depth on yet one more thing that adds to California's reputation as the taxation capital of the United States.

Also, despite the UK's prime minister winning a no confidence vote in the British Parliament ..the vote itself is just one more indication of the weakened state of some of this country's most important allies---France, Germany and Great Britain.

Also on the show----for President Trump's long time --and now former---lawyer and personal fix-it man, today was the day to pay the price. The man who says he committed HIS crimes at the direction of the President of the United States, sentenced to serve time behind bars. We'll go In Depth on that.

And, an update on the heartbreaking story of the puppy dog named Chloe, beaten and left for dead in a Long Beach trash bin. She survived, but is hanging on by a thread. We'll tell you about the growing reward to find whomever committed this heinous crime.