KNX InDepth (August 9, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Friday, August 9th
Fifty years ago today---Hollywood was terrorized. Some even say it marked the end of the free-wheeling, swinging 60s. An exclamation point that was more like a bombshell.  Charles Manson sent a group of his followers to the home of actress Sharon Tate. The bloody aftermath shocked this city, this country and the world. And so, we will go In Depth--half a century after the Manson family murders.

A different kind of terror is gripping many communities nowadays. Mass shootings. The FBI wants to expand its abilities to scour social media looking for potential would -be domestic terrorists. Good idea? What about privacy rights?  We'll take a look.

Uber just posted a staggering quarterly loss of 5-point-2-billion-dollars.......and in fact has never once turned a profit in its history as a ridesharing company.  And in spite of that, Uber is still valued at over 80-billion-dollars and continues to rake in investment  We will go In Depth.

For those of you who have been shut out of Southern California's expensive real estate market but remain eager to buy a house..........there could be a new way.  But, there just may be a toxic trap ? We'll find out.