KNX InDepth (August 8, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, August 8th
It's been the subject of comedians, the famed cartoon "The Simpsons" and so much more. We're talking the DMV - some would argue not exactly the happiest place on earth...but we are going to tackle the long lines, the REAL - ID mandates and go In Depth on it all.  And the special election results in Ohio...what's the takeaway lesson here...we'll take a look at our political crystal ball.. And, why can't the Wasps in England sober up?

Later in the show, the Aliso gas leak that effected Porter Ranch...SoCal Gas reaches a settlement in the millions but is it enough for the victims? We go indepth.  Plus, Elon Musk's Tesla Tweet -- he wants to take his company from public to private...why the sudden change? And....all those cute dogs, cats and critters at the L-A animal shelters need homes. Why are the numbers maxing out? We'll tell you about the "puuuurfect incentives" shelters are offering to find homes.