KNX InDepth (August 7, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, August 7th
Bombshell's are dropping at the Manafort Trial. We'll get the latest on what's been going on in the court room where Paul Manafort's ex- business partner Rick Gates gave dramatic testimony about secret income and a world of lies. We will go In Depth.

Also, hitting new records --- California fires are now the largest in state history -- but do we have the manpower and resources to fight back?
-- and a different type of heat -- it's a neck and neck race -- we'll get the latest on Ohio's special election...will the red tide turn blue? Is that state completely polarized and if so ... why?

Later in the show ....The Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal -- yes I said, LEGAL immigrants. We'll go indepth on how this could potentially affect the rights of millions of would-be citizens.

Plus, calorie counting -- you know those menus that list the calories -- the ones that kind of spoil the fun of eating -- we'll find out if all that counting actually counts! And -- listen up baby boomers, research suggests you're not acting social...we'll explain.