KNX InDepth (August 20, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, August 20th
Strap on those backpacks and sharpen your pencils,'s back to school week for most school districts across Southern California........and that can mean anticipation, excitement and, unfortunately, a lot of stress for parents and their young students alike.

Up in the Bay Area, administrators at San Mateo High School haven taken a bold step to try to ease some of that stress:  they've initiated a cell phone free campus, using magnetic locking bags to keep students' cell phones under wraps for school hours.  Does this make for a much more pleasant high school experience?  We'll go In Depth.

And it's a perennial debate among teachers, parents and students: how much homework is too much homework? High school students are routinely buried in homework, and even some elementary school kids are dragging home hours of work............

Can smaller earthquakes be an ominous warning of much bigger things to come?  For years seismologists told us there wasn't much predictive value in smaller quakes foreshadowing major quakes, but new research has scientists changing their tune........we'll go in depth.

President Trump, while touting his economic achievements as the greatest in the history of the nation, is also now considering implementing a payroll tax cut that would help to hold a recession at bay.  Does that mean he's getting nervous?

Tesla has a deal for you when it comes to renting solar panels for your home.