KNX InDepth (August 2, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Thursday, August 2nd
Washington is not know for its novelty. Yet, there it was. In plain view. Something novel. The director of national intelligence...the head of the FBI...the President's national security advisor....the secretary of homeland security. All together , in one place, looking a bit like an aging rock band announcing a farewell tour. But it wasn't that. It was this nation's entire national security apparatus gathered at the White House to warn the Russian are still at it....still trying to interfere with our elections...and to say our government will do something about it. So why this announcement now? We will go In Depth. Also, how one man's best friend---his dog---nearly licked him to death. If

Later, What could be a roadblock for car makers---The federal government's proposal to roll back fuel economy standards set by the Obama administration. California is leading the way doing battle against these plans....plans which could force car companies to have to make two sets of vehicles. So, we will go In Depth on that. And, there are some things you just DO NOT want to wash and re-use. And, when you hear THIS story, you'll understand why.