KNX InDepth (August 19, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Monday, August 19th
The doubts have been there from the beginning.  Just how safe is vaping? You know, e-cigarettes. Turns out, those doubts may be with good reason. 

Nearly 100 cases of a mysterious lung disease reported in several states across the country, including California.  It's sent dozens of people to the hospital and now the Centers for Disease Control is getting see whether the cause is vaping?  So,  we're going In Depth.

As California lawmakers move closer to enacting rent control laws,  with cities and counties close behind them, landlords aren't waiting around: they're starting to raise their rents, while they still can.  Tenants are crying foul.   So we'll hear from  both sides  to debate a very complicated issue.

Firefighters up and down the state are bracing for another vicious round of wildfires, and our rainy winter could come back to bite us once the Santa Ana winds kick up over the next few weeks. We'll go In Depth .

And fluoride in our drinking water............for decades we heard conspiracy theories about the negative impacts of fluoride on the mental health of children............and for decades scientists told us not to worry, it was safe and good for our teeth.  Well new research could turn all of that thinking on its head.

Also, you didn't really think news about Game of Thrones was over, did you???