KNX InDepth (August 15, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, August 15th
Today we are going to hit it all ...LA-Metro is getting new body scanners ....we'll tell you what they're screening for....and those bumpy L-A roads we all like so much --- new research tallies the toll it takes on your car -- that plus -- all the extra accidents caused by the poor's a stress on your wallet -- maybe head to the METRO?

Also, a horse is suing its former owner for negligence. Yes -- a horse. And the "purse" or the amount the horse is seeking is about 100-thousand dollars... the show, as more details emerge in the Catholic Church Priest Sex scandal, we'll go indepth with two abuse survivors -- one who ended up with a settlement from the archdioceses in the millions.

And, first it was straws...then plastic utensils...what's next on the list? Let's just say what goes up...may have to come "down."

Plus...updates on the New Mexico compound -- where 11 children were taken into custody, starving and living in squalor ... The judge received death threats on her recent ruling when 5 of the adults remain free on bail as they await trial...