KNX InDepth (August 14, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, August 14th
Pensions.. The new LAPD chief reported collected a 1.2 million payout before being rehired...but can cities and the state really afford that sort of thing? We will go In Depth.

And.....before Omarosa heard she was fired from The White house...she secretly recorded President Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly in the White House Situation room...When she was with the Trump campaign, she signed a none disclosure agreement. But can that agreement carry over to her work in the White House--working for OUR government? Is it even constitutional? We will go In Depth on that, too. And, something new on the streets of Paris is a throwback to something very old.

Later , hundreds of priests listed in a new report on sex abuse in the Catholic Church. How long did this cover up go on for and how deep is it? We will go In Depth on that. Plus, West Nile virus. Is it becoming more of a threat here in Southern California? More mosquitoes are testing positive for the disease. Also, music to sooth your dogs' ears.