KNX InDepth (August 13, 2018)

KNX In Depth
Monday, August 13th
Oh..the sound of the school brings back so many memories -- some good, some bad...but it's all part of the process...we're going InDepth to examine the current landscape of high school education...not from a politician or a certified "blue ribbon panel's" point of view -- but from those who matter most--the students.

Our homeroom consists of 4 high school students who will share the real
high school life lessons: from lock-downs, to bullying, and the late night cram sessions -- combine that with juggling of sports, "the arts" or even a job...
-- and let's not forget the fall-out from being "blocked" from your friends on social media...

Joining our high schoolers are experts in school security, career readiness and mental well-being -- our specialists will answer any questions from the long as they raise their hands!

Later in the show we'll also look at the end game. What happens after high school?The college competition is stiff. And what kind of career prospects exist those who don't want to go to college?
There's a lot on our study guide...but nothing we can't get thru without some junk food...

Joining us now in studio are:

Lexi Hopp from Granada Hills High School.

Jason Camacho from Downey High.

Evelyn Carrizoza from Compton High

Jackie Lopez from Paramount High School.