KNX InDepth (April 26, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Friday, April 26th
USC was caught up big time in the college admissions cheating and fraud scandal, where several students, administrators and coaches were found to have participated in the scheme. Now USC is offering up reforms.

But are the changes enough to weed out the fake athletes who gamed the system to get into USC......and does USC have to go further yet to change what has been a scandal-ridden culture there? We will go In Depth.

The American economy beat expectations in the first quarter of the year, with healthier than forecast growth........but the good news could be a setup for future bad news ..........just how healthy is the U.S. economy?

Could Joe Biden be THE candidate for........... Republicans? In a field of candidates that swings pretty far to the left with the likes of Warren and Sanders, Biden's entry into the race could tempt some moderate Republicans. We'll go In Depth on that.

None of us is getting any younger and in time, we could all give consideration to a touch up or two to look and feel younger. Well now there's a way to get the effects of a face lift without going under the knife!

And Avengers: Endgame is HERE! And so are the reviews, we arm you with the right expectations if you're off to the movies tonight........and judging by the box office projections, you probably are.