KNX InDepth (April 19, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Friday, April 19th
Before you put that bottle of water you're no doubt carrying around with you to your lips and take a big gulp...Before you guzzle down that crystal spring water and all its liquefied, purified goodness.....STOP!
And listen to this.

A new Consumer Reports investigation finds some brands of bottled water are dangerously high in arsenic levels! While plain old fashioned tap water is likely cleaner than bottled water because it's much more heavily we will dive in and go In Depth.

Also, he is apparently ready. He has apparently made up his mind. He has made a decision. Finally. Really. Soon. Like next week. Probably. Wednesday for sure. But maybe Thursday. The hugging and kissing scandals apparently behind him, the Hamlet of Democrats---Joe Biden--is reportedly set to announce he's running for President. For sure. Really.

It's the day AFTER the Mueller report's release. Guess what. Few have probably changed their minds. Some will read it and say it is time to impeach the president. Others will read it and say, it's time to leave the guy alone and move on. Not surprisingly, your party affiliation may play a big role in this. So we will go In Depth with both parties to get their take.

And tomorrow is 4-20, where stoners everywhere will do........pretty much what they do every other day, smoke pot. But American companies have learned to love legalized pot and all of the marketing opportunities that come along with it.