KNX InDepth (April 17, 2019)

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, April 17th
As the 20th anniversary of Columbine looms, it was briefly terror in schools shut down while a manhunt was on for a teenager with a weapon thought to be bent on causing more death and destruction. She was found dead--but the whole episode has left parents, teachers and students with frayed nerves. And so, we will go In Depth.

Put down the ham sandwich and drop the bacon---scientists have been able to revive some brain cell activity in pigs that had been dead for 4 hours. While the science is staggering, so are the ethical questions when and if this technique is eventually applied to human brains. What's considered alive and dead? We are definitely going In Depth on that one...........

And, someday, you may jump in a lake on one of Saturn's moons...but you probably will not like what you find?

Carl's Jr. is the latest to jump on the CBD bandwagon, they're selling a CBD-infused hamburger at select stores to mark the stoner holiday, 4/20. But have you noticed that CBD is showing up in just about everything with praises of it's renowned healing power? Is CBD really the magic cure-all it's made out to be? We'll go In Depth on the Great CBD craze.

With reconstruction of the Notre Dame cathedral beginning in earnest, should a modern sprinkler system be installed in an 850-year-old building to prevent future fires? Can it even be done?

And a wild story out of the Appalachia Mountains where doctors and dentists were trading pain killers for sex and cash.