KNX In Depth: Why not close it all down again? -- Why death rates from coronavirus are going down, even as infections are going up -- Were racial justice protest the COVID super spreader events they were predicted to be?

KNX In Depth
Monday, June 29th
In many ways, it seems we're back to square one in our efforts to contain the coronavirus.

In Texas, over 5-thousand people A DAY are being admitted to hospitals with COVID-19.  In fact, for the last five days the United States has set grim new records with the most new cases since the outbreak began!

So...while California is closing back down its bars and other states are either pausing or walking back some reopenings.........why aren't we shutting it all down again?  We will go In Depth.

Lots of coronavirus-related news to cover.........we'll also try to explain the falling death rates..........we'll look at whether the massive racial justice protests acted as super-spreader eventss............and we'll ask what the European Union got right that we got wrong.

And at the end of the show, there is another Trump-Russia scandal brewing.