KNX In Depth: Where did California go wrong on coronavirus? -- Is the next pandemic brewing on a pig farm somewhere in China? -- Remembering the legendary Carl Reiner

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, June 30th
Back when the coronavirus pandemic was gaining steam here in the United States, California was ahead of the curve.  We were among the first states to order sheltering in place and the closures of restaurants, malls, gyms and more.........and we held down the spread of COVID-19 with what seemed like great success.

Well those earl days are gone.......and now California is one of the epicenters of a nearly nation-wide spike in infections and hospitalizations.  Where did we go wrong?  We will go In Depth.

Also: without state-wide coordination on what's opened and what's closed over this upcoming July 4th weekend, there could be confusion--and some bottlenecks--on beaches in different counties.

From the "really bad timing" file.......epidemiologists are following a swine flu strain in China that has pandemic potential.

The American Academy of Pediatrics makes a controversial recommendation over kids going back to their classrooms in the Fall.

And.......remembering Carl Reiner, a comedic legend and one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.