KNX In Depth: What you can, and can't do over this semi-locked down July 4th weekend -- Go without a mask in West Hollywood, pay a $300 fine -- The "recovery" from COVID can take months

KNX In Depth
Thursday, July 2nd
If you're confused about what you can and can't do this July 4th holiday weekend, you're not alone.  No, you can't go to the beach and you can't go to a bar.  But you can eat at a restaurant, but only if the seating area is outside.  You can workout at your gym, but you'll have to wear a mask and gloves; and you can still get a haircut.

The rules, and the logic of this, are all over the place, as we enter a kind of semi shelter in place status with coronavirus cases continuing to soar in California.

After fights and debates and lots of non compliance with orders to wear face masks in public, there's one city in LA County where if you don't wear a mask, you'll be subject to a big fine--we'll take you there.

And grim findings from a New York Times investigation:  COVID patients admitted to hospitals in lower-income neighborhoods had a higher chance of dying.

We're going to bring you some cautionary tales as we head into this weekend:  the infection and the initial illness...are really just the start of the struggle.

We'll be talking with a doctor who's treating COVID patients who are experiencing serious, and mysterious, symptoms; and we'll be talking with a COVID patient who is struggling to breath, to overcome fatigue and to get back to a normal life.............and he was infected back in April.