KNX In Depth: U.S. waving the white flag over coronavirus -- The rein of pro sports ended by COVID -- FBI corruption probe reaches all the way into chambers of L.A.'s city council

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, June 23rd
Half of American states are now seeing steady increases in coronavirus infections, and's not because there's more testing.

The origins of the spike can be tied to the early reopenings of economies in several states in late May; since then, the rates of infections and hospitalizations have been going up, even as social distancing and mask requirements have been decreasing.  Has the United States waived the white flag on coronavirus? 

Dr. Anthony Fauci was testifying on Capitol Hill today with an optimistic belief that a vaccine for COVID-19 could be developed by the end of this year.  How realistic is that?  We'll ask.

And nursing homes were the epicenters of the deadliest outbreaks of coronavirus; now several facilities are accused of kicking out elderly residents to bring in more lucrative COVID patients.......we'll explain that one.

Professional and amateur sports leagues keep striking out with plans to get up and playing again.  Star athletes are testing positive for COVID, safety protocols can't be agreed upon and owners are starting to panic--we'll look at sports in the coronavirus era.

And in non-virus news........a years long corruption probe of L.A.'s city hall resulted in the FBI arrested City Councilman Jose Huizar today; but the pay-to-play schemes have now ensnared several elected officials and their staffers.