KNX In Depth: Trump threatens to delay November election, which he can't do -- U.S. suffers through worst quarterly economic retraction in its entire history -- You can give your dog coronavirus, and it can be deadly

KNX In Depth
Thursday, July 30th
National elections have been held in this country on the first Tuesday of November for over 150 years---even amid world wars, a great depression and yes, a global pandemic, elections have gone forward as scheduled.  That's what makes what President Trump suggested today, postponing the upcoming presidential election in November, so unprecedented.

Any hope for a quick bounce back recovery from the coronavirus-induced recession was likely squashed today when we learned that the U.S. economy had its biggest single quarter retraction in history.......oh and to help matters, boosted unemployment benefits run out tomorrow.

And new research that followed the coronavirus outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship serves as a giant red flag for the risks of COVID outbreaks in office buildings, schools, gyms and more.

Sweden decided early on that it wasn't going to shut down its economy or force its citizens to shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic.  It was a decision that was heavily criticized, but new data out today suggests that the Scandinavian country might have gotten it right.

And we now know that a dog......a German Shepherd from the New York area.......was likely the first confirmed fatal case of coronavirus for a canine.  We'll talk with veterinarians about the risks for your pets contracting the virus.