KNX In Depth: Trump plays strong man -- Black Lives Matter vows to push on with protests -- Police union brushes aside concerns of aggressive response -- Protests the next coronavirus super spreader events

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, June 2nd
President Trump has always viewed himself as a tough-on-crime, a "law-and-order" type; and yesterday he palyed the part, clearing peaceful protestors from a park in front of the White House before a photo-op. He also threatened to send in the military to put down protests in cities, whether mayors and governors wanted troops there or not.  Can he do that?

Black Lives Matter and other police reform groups aren't backing off of their protests or demands in the wake of George Floyd's death. Some police are kneeling with those protestors, others on the skirmish lines seem to be getting more aggressive by the day.

Both extremes of the political spectrum, from ANTIFA on the left to white nationalist groups on the right, are likely playing some roles in stoking violence at protests; we'll get a tutorial on the extremist groups.

In case you have forgotten, we're still in the middle of a pandemic....... could the week of protests touch off several new outbreaks of coronavirus?

And at Cedars Sinai, we'll check in on a promising clinical trial using COVID antibodies on human patients.