KNX In Depth: Trump once again makes curious moves around Russia -- Even infected people w/mild COVID cases run increased risk of heart attacks -- Wiping everything down with bleach is probably a waste of time

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, July 29th
Think of it as grading on a curve:  LA County flunked the first test on managing the coronavirus outbreak when leaders allowed businesses to reopen early, and COVID infections spiked. After the last few weeks with closed gyms, bars and in-restaurant dining, and we are gradually re-flattening that curve.........albeit in much worse shape than we used to be in. Is LA county's partial shutdown working? 

There is new research out about how this virus is attacking  people's hearts, and it's scary: even asymptomatic COVID patients run the risk of cardiac arrest.

And all of the sanitizing, wipe downs and surface cleaning that we've been obsessively doing? It might turn out as...sort of a waste of time.

The pandemic is completely reshaping the film industry, whether the industry likes it or not.  A huge deal signed between AMC and Universal will rush new movie releases through theaters and onto your TV..........that is......if film production can ever restart.

And President Trump is yet again being criticised as weak on Russia after withdrawing U.S. troops from Germany; and admitting that he never confronted Vladimir Putin about Russian bounties on the heads of American soldiers.