KNX In Depth: Trump loses over his financial records at SCOTUS, but we probably won't see his taxes anytime soon -- Nurses sound the warning, again, that we're desperately short on PPE -- Teachers are in no rush to go back to the classroom during...

KNX In Depth
Thursday, July 9th
Technically, President Trump lost both of the cases in front of the Supreme Court today over different groups of investigators that want to get their hands on his tax returns and financial records.  However.... that doesn't mean we'll be seeing those documents any time soon; in fact there's a lot more arguing to be done.

Still, the much anticipated rulings were a victory for the right of Congress and prosecutors to investigate a sitting president.

And how will all of this play out on the campaign trail, especially if the mysterious Trump tax returns are likely to stay a mystery past election day?  

Think back to the start of this coronavirus pandemic...when there were urgent cries from hospitals and first responders that they were running dangerously short on personal protective equipment.  Months later, and with time to restock and prepare..........not only are there still shortages...but they might be worse.

Teachers are going to be needing a lot of PPE if they're called back to work in the Fall but, increasingly, they aren't thrilled with the idea of being back in classrooms --- we'll check in with the nation's largest teacher's union.

And small businesses, which already took a beating during the first shelter-in-place orders, are bracing for a second round that might just lead a lot of permanent closures.