KNX In Depth: The surprisingly moderate U.S. Supreme Court -- All Californians now required to wear masks in public places -- Schiff vs. Bolton vs. Trump

KNX In Depth
Thursday, June 18th
The roughly 700,000 immigrants who were legally protected under the DACA program are breathing sighs of relief today after the Supreme Court overruled the Trump administration's canceling of the program.  And while that's a very big deal, also a very big deal is how this allegedly conservative-leaning Supreme Court has twice this week delivered surprisingly moderate rulings.

The great face mask debate will continue to rage here in California, after Governor Gavin Newsom just signed an order requiring the wearing of face masks, state-wide, in "high risk" situations.  This comes amid a slow-but-steady increase in coronavirus cases here in the state, and in several other areas of the country.

Is such an order enforceable, and why have face masks become such political  lightening rods?  We'll hear from both sides of the debate.

COVID-19 is indeed on the march again, with some areas of the United States on the verge of losing control over the spread of the virus.  But if you listened to President Trump or Vice President Pence, you'd think all is well and we've got coronavirus totally under control:  have we been left on our own by the federal government?

And Congressman Adam Schiff, lead prosecutor in the impeachment trial of President Trump, gives his reactions to John Bolton's new book, which is highly critical of the president.  Suffice it to say, these three men won't be getting together for drinks anytime soon.