KNX In Depth: The push to reopen schools runs up against extremely complicated challenges -- Intrigue at the Supreme Court, from rulings to the health of the Chief Justice -- So much for the Sweden example

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, July 8th
The decision on whether or not to send millions of kids back to their classrooms in the Fall is a massively complicated one:  it's not just the health & education of the kids that's at stake, but the health of teachers and faculty.......daycare considerations......and the economic standing of parents.  So as President Trump ratchets up the pressure on schools to bring kids back, we will go In Depth.

Universities are facing the same complex challenges to how they'll manage in the midst of a pandemic; we'll look at how inequalities among colleges will play a role.

And before President Trump's niece spilled her family secrets in a tell-all book, she was the source of a major New York Times investigation into the president's long and controversial family history; so we'll talk with the reporter who first used Mary Trump as a source.

The Supreme Court today issued a major ruling on whether businesses must be forced to cover birth control, but that decision was a bit overshadowed by major speculation and intrigue around the high court.  Tomorrow a hugely anticipated ruling on President Trump's taxes is due; and then there's the health of Chief Justice John Roberts.

And then we're going to Sweden, which was one held up as a model of a country that refused to close down its economy to slow the spread of coronavirus, which had been looking like a successful strategy........until it seemingly fell apart.