KNX In Depth: More research affirms masks work, for you & the people around you -- COVID safety nets about to be ripped away, leaving potential economic shock -- Did the Pentagon just admit to having a UFO?

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, July 28th
In New York City, of all places -- where the pandemic caused several months of deadly panic -- two men were just arrested for assaulting staff at a Trader Joe's over..........masks.  

Yes, six months into this and fights are still breaking out over masks.........but there is more evidence, in the form of new research, that wearing a mask not only helps the people around helps you.

There are twin hammers that are about to come down on lower income Americans: enhanced unemployment benefits *and* the moratorium on evictions are set to run out in just a few days.

And then...we'll size up the race to develop both a coronavirus vaccine and new therapeutics.

It's a challenging time to try to lose weight:  gyms are closed again and we're all pretty it's no coincidence that sales of ice cream and junk food are way up.  But over in the UK they're encouraging everyone to shed some pounds, because obesity can make COVID deadly.

And if you need a distraction from pandemic about aliens? Depending on how you read into things, there are some very subtle hints that the Pentagon just might be in possession of some...material....that did not come from this planet.