KNX In Depth: Minneapolis seethes with anger & looting over the death of George Floyd -- Why does the pattern of police brutality followed by riots remain so consistent? -- the CDC wants you commuting back to work all by your lonesome

KNX In Depth
Friday, May 29th
For a third straight night, the anger on the streets of Minneapolis boiled over in the form of looting and burning of several businesses; even a police precinct wasn't spared.  For a third straight night, none of the four Minneapolis police officers who were involved in the death of George Floyd were arrested.

Today at least one thing changed: the officer who kept his knee on the back of Floyd's neck for almost 9 minutes was arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder.  Will that be enough to calm tensions in Minneapolis? 

The racial disparities in how COVID-19 is hitting minority communities is too big to ignore.  In LA county alone, coronavirus is at least twice as deadly for African Americans as it is for whites.  We'll look at the grim statistics.

If you're called back to your office in the coming weeks, the CDC would really like it if you drove there......alone; no carpooling, no public transit.  Which will do wonders for post lockdown traffic.

And speaking of going back to work.........all of those consumer protections put in place at the start of the COVID outbreak?  Yeah, they're all about to expire.