KNX In Depth: Minneapolis burns after the death of yet another African American man at the hands of police officers -- Trump tries to step up regulation of social media -- Why coronavirus is pretty much here to stay

KNX In Depth
Thursday, May 28th
There are quite a few fires burning today across America, both literally and figuratively --- and there's still a pandemic underway.  We'll get to all of it on this edition of In Depth.

We start in Minneapolis, a city overflowing with anger and grief after the death of an African American man at the hands of a police officer.  After violent protests, will things remain calm today? And why does this same incident keep playing out over over again in cities across the country?

President Trump, after complaining about Twitter slapping a fact check tag on his Tweets, says he'll sign an executive order today that would make it easier for the government to regulate social media. 

How does a couple more *years* of social distancing, limited capacity in stores and restaurants and face-mask-wearing sound to you?  That's the guidance from public health officials who are warning that the coronavirus has not, and will not, simply go away.

We'll talk with one business owner who's sick of the restrictions..........and he's asking customers that come into his store to take OFF their masks.

And then we head to New Zealand, where the last hospitalized COVID patient has been discharged----what are they doing right that we keep getting wrong?