KNX In Depth: Large coronavirus vaccine trial begins--California coroanvirus cases might be peaking now--We dig up a mystery over seeds mailed to people randomly

KNX In Depth
Monday, July 27th
Scientists are getting closer to figuring out if a vaccine will work to finally crush COVID-19. The world's biggest test started today with the first of 30,000 volunteers. It's made by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna and is one of several candidates. 

California might be flattening its curve though it's now a much higher curve than before. Are we reaching our peak and does this mean we're soon going to be finished with the virus here? 

Baseball is back but for how long? An outbreak has already hit one team and the repercussions could hit other sports, including football.

Every year doctors tell you to get the flu shot. If you haven't listened to them before, maybe the findings of new research will change your mind. It turns out, the flu shot could cut the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Bizarre reports are starting to emerge of people randomly receiving packages of seeds in the mail. Agriculture officials are puzzled as to why, where exactly they're coming from and if they're harmful.