KNX In Depth: LAPD Chief defends himself & the conduct of his officers -- All Minneapolis cops involved in the death of George Floyd are criminally charged -- Chafing at another night of curfews in LA County

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, June 3rd
It's been a day of rapid developments, from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, as a nation remains on edge... and protests over the death of George Floyd continue.

We will go to Minneapolis to hear the latest on a new charge against the officer who killed George Floyd by keeping his knee on Floyd's neck...and charges for the other officers who were there that day. We'll talk about the decades-long efforts at police reform and why, after all of this time, we continue to see too many incidents of police violence aimed at people of color.  And we'll talk with long-time ABC7 anchor Marc Brown about how we in the news media have been covering the protests.

But we start at the top of the program with LAPD Chief Michael Moore.