KNX In Depth: just when you think you get to know a coronavirus it mutates, should plastic surgeries count as elective procedures and how they controlled the outbreak Down Under

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, May 5th
Just when you think you get to know a coronavirus, it goes and changes on you......

That's the theory coming out of new research about a mutated strain of COVID-19 that could be more contagious than the original.  Just the thought is troubling, but this could also mean major complications for the effort to create a vaccine.

The city of Beverly Hills followed Governor Newsom, and rolled back restrictions on elective surgeries last week, but here's the question: are liposuction, a face lift and Botox considered elective procedures?  Some plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills say yes, and that's touched off a debate.

Both Australia and New Zealand are pretty confident they've got a handle on their outbreaks, but they got there through very different means.  While New Zealand instituted a strict lockdown, Australia's was a little more lax.

And lawsuits in the midst of a pandemic: this has opened up a flood of lawsuit possibilities over who might be responsible for other people getting infected with COVID.  We'll talk with a pair of tort lawyers on coronavirus-themed lawsuits. Tort. And retort.