KNX In Depth July 4th special: John Bolton -- Martin Luther King III -- Mark Cuban

KNX In Depth
Thursday, July 2nd
We're going to bring you conversations with three people who have been the driving forces behind major stories in this first half of 2020.........and yes, we're only halfway through this often grueling year.  From a pandemic to a nation-wide racial justice movement to a bitterly contested presidential election, these are the stories that have shaped our lives during these past six tumultuous months--and we're going to get into all of it on this special edition of In Depth.

We will hear from Martin Luther King the third, son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., about how activists, political leaders and everyday Americans can seize the momentum to stamp out systemic racism, in the wake of George Floyd's death.

We will talk with Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, on how to pull this country out of its deep economic hole brought on by the crippling coronavirus pandemic.

And we'll start with someone who's going to figure quite prominently in the upcoming presidential election:  Former Ambassador and National Security advisor, John Bolton.