KNX In Depth: Is coronavirus data reliable? -- Mother Nature is a fan of sheltering in place -- College grads heading into the worst economy in 100 years

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, May 19th
President Trump is standing by his personal use of the antiviral drug hydroxychloroquine.....This has been met with controversy. So is the president wading in dangerous medical waters....or could he actually be onto something? 

Reports of possible manipulation of COVID-19 data in Florida and Georgia --  politically-motivated manipulation --  has led to bigger questions about the reliability of the numbers we're seeing on the spread of coronavirus.  Whether it's nefarious or just incompetence, is the data trust worthy?

One silver lining of this near global sheltering in place: an unprecedented drop in greenhouse gas emissions.  New research shows a drop in carbon levels unlike anything ever seen in the modern era........but is that sustainable after we all go back to work?

Speaking of work, college grads will be venturing into an economy that's at near depression-levels.  And it may take them a  lifetime to overcome this unfortunate start to their careers.

And there are massively complicated legal fights heading for businesses and their insurance carriers over finding coverage in the midst of a pandemic.