KNX In Depth: History *almost* made at the Kennedy Space Center -- Are we reopening too quickly? -- American workers backed into a corner in coronavirus-shutdown aftermath

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, May 27th
We *almost* made some history today. But now our next Saturday.

Bad weather has postponed a launch with NASA and American spacecraft, carrying American astronauts on top of an American-built rocket, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida -- the first time in 9 years. It'll be *big* when it *eventually* happens. So we will go In Depth.

Later on in the show we'll be asking if too many cities, counties and states are rushing to reopen their economies, even as COVID-19 infections continue to spread.

And...American workers continue to be in a tough spot. With expanded unemployment benefits set to expire in a month and an ongoing fight over liability issues when more of us get back to work. If you catch COVID-19 at your workplace, what happens?