KNX In Depth: Gov. Newsom pleads with Californians over COVID -- Do any of the new coronavirus detection gadgets actually work? -- Trump's remaking of the federal circuit judiciary

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, June 24th
There's really no other way to describe it:  Governor Gavin Newsom was *pleading* with Californians to act responsibly as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are on the increase across the state.  Please practice social distancing, he said; please wear your masks, please stay home when ever possible.  There was no "or else" .... but that could be coming.

Californians could soon find themselves under a quarantine order if they're planning on traveling to the states of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut; that's where the biggest and deadliest outbreak of COVID-19 had been located, but now those states want some travelers to stay away.

And President Trump could soon be ending federal funding for several key community testing sites.

The examples of new technologies that claim to diagnose coronavirus are plentiful:  from thermal imaging cameras to a detection ring. It all sounds good..........but does any of this stuff actually work?

And President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reached a milestone today on confirming federal judges...and they're overwhelmingly white, male and conservative.