KNX In Depth: First reported case of COVID-infected mother passing virus to unborn child -- Two surfer dudes try to hand out free masks in Huntington Beach -- How does 2 more years of mask wearing & social distancing sound?

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, July 15th
It's likely a first during this pandemic:  an unborn child has been infected with COVID-19 from his mother, thought to be the first time a pregnant woman with COVID passed it on to her baby in-utero.  What could the long term health consequences be for both the mother and child? 

The Trump administration is ordering hospitals across the country to report their coronavirus data to the Health and Human Services Department, bypassing the CDC...which usually acts as a clearinghouse for that type of information.  Does this leave invaluable data open to political manipulation?

Face masks remain an intensely polarizing issue, even with scientific evidence firmly in the corner of masks cutting the risk of infection.  So... two Orange County skater dudes ventured out to Huntington Beach with a box of free masks to give away.........and the reception they got says a lot about where we are in this pandemic............we'll talk to those good Samaritan bros.

And while no one we know particularly enjoys wearing face masks, we'll talk with an infectious disease expert who says we should prepare to be wearing masks and staying socially distant for at least the next two years.