KNX In Depth: Dr. Anthony Fauci talks to us, expressing concern but also hope that we can stop COVID-19--Do hospitals really need to treat everyone who comes in with COVID-19--Is selling the middle seat again a bad business move for airlines?

KNX In Depth
Friday, June 26th
Doctor Anthony Fauci joins us for a provocative discussion about the fight against COVID-19. He called the change in the fight a "paradigm shift" that has largely been driven by young people. He also has hope that it's not too late to stop the virus and save lives. 

The number of people with the virus in hospitals around California is on the rise. But the vast majority are not ICU cases which means the prognosis for them is much better. With hospitals filling up again, should they automatically give a bed to everyone who comes in with COVID even if they're not terribly ill?  

Lots of people are still nervous about flying. That isn't stopping American Airlines from selling its middle seats again. Is this a good business move or will it scare passengers away?