KNX In Depth: Coronavirus on frozen shrimp now?! -- Youth sports won't be playing ball anytime soon -- Taking you inside the ER of one of California's biggest medical centers

KNX In Depth
Friday, July 10th
In so many ways we are right back where we started from as we stare down surging infections and hospitalizations from the coronavirus.  And here's one that we haven't discussed much since the early days of the pandemic: can COVID-19 live on frozen food?  Health inspectors in China discovered the virus on imported frozen shrimp!  As if you  needed more things to be anxious about.

All levels of sports, from the professional to the amateur, have been disrupted by all this. But it's the young players who have arguably suffered the most, and that will continue: California has called time out on all playing, practicing and training for youth sports leagues.

And Disney World is reopening this weekend in Orlando, Florida........which also happens to be a major hot spot for COVID infections. So, would you go?

Many of the biggest medical centers in the country are starting to reach critical patient levels. We're going to take you inside the emergency medicine department at UC Davis where they're not only battling the virus....but trying to keep their doctors and nurses from getting sick.

And while we wait - and hope - for a vaccine....we might want to set our sights on lower-tech treatments.......which might prove to be the key to finding a way to live with this.