KNX In Depth: Coronavirus is airborne, so why aren't we adjusting accordingly? -- Trump, Biden on pandemic "messaging" -- Grade school & college students ended their academic year in uncertainty; they're gonna start the next year that way too

KNX In Depth
Monday, July 6th
It's in air.

We already know that the way many people are catching the novel coronavirus is by getting too close to droplets - someone's sneeze, cough or, yes, even spit while they're talking. But...more scientists are now saying the virus can also be airborne....that aerosols can hang in the air and float for periods of time. And those scientists want policy makers to act accordingly.

This is an election year, in case you forgot, and with a pandemic that still rages, both the Trump and Biden campaigns are fine tuning their messaging around COVID.

LAUSD continues to hedge its bets when it comes to how, or whether, it's bringing students back to school classrooms in the fall; but with the clock quickly ticking down, the District has some hard choices to make.

Major universities, though, are already making the call, almost all of them going with heavy use of remote learning.....but if you're a college student or a parent and you're counting on tuition discounts ... because there aren't dorms and there's not classroom teaching.............well don't count on it.