KNX In Depth: By election day, nearly a quarter-million Americans will likely be dead from coronavirus -- How Major League Baseball really messed up its COVID-shortened season -- It's not your imagination, your mail delivery has slowed down

KNX In Depth
Friday, July 31st
There is no miracle cure on the way that will save us from this coronavirus outbreak.......the calvary isn't coming to relieve us from having to wear masks and stay socially distant---no, we're in this for the long haul.  That was the very realist assessment from Dr. Anthony Fauci during testimony this morning.

Not only is there no savior on the horizon, but many more Americans will likely die from coronavirus in the months ahead:  we'll talk with a virus modeler who's projections tell the grim tale of the outbreak.

And on the still raging debate over reopening schools, some food for thought:  new research shows young children infected with COVID are carrying the same viral load as adults.  And the CDC just released it's study of a sleep away camp in Georgia where one young sick camper ended up infected 260 others......within 3 days.

The NHL and NBA have restarted their seasons this week, and so far so good:  no major COVID outbreaks have been reported among players, but the leagues went to extreme measures to isolate teams in bubble cities.  Major League Baseball, on the other hand, didn't choose to play in a bubble, instead having players travel from city to city......and the results have been pretty bad so far.

And if you've noticed a delay in your  mail delivery, you're not alone---in fact, the slow down of the postal service is deliberate.