KNX In Depth: are Americans capable of reopening responsibly -- face masks are now political symbols -- If a cloth face mask isn't your thing, how about a clear plastic field shield?

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, May 26th
To reopen the country safely and responsibly, as cases of coronavirus continue to spread, public health officials in various states really only had three simple requests:  try to continue to stay home when possible, if you head out into the public please wear a face mask and continue to follow social distancing.

This long Memorial Day weekend seemed to prove that plenty of us are either incapable or unwilling to stick with any of we're going in depth.

So you don't like cloth face masks, maybe you don't like how they can feel about wearing a clear plastic face shield instead? We'll look at a mask alternative that might be more effective in protecting you and the people around you.

About those masks, if they weren't already political symbols, they are now after this weekend when President Trump, shared a tweet that was making fun of Biden for wearing one...Biden went to a Memorial Day service wearing a mask.

And add Hertz Rental Car to the list of companies that might have caught fatal infections from the coronavirus shutdown.  What companies will be left standing when this is all over?