Kids given guns to fight drug gangs in Mexico--Nearly 100,000 gallons on red wine spill into river--People are getting lonelier but why?

KNX In Depth
Friday, January 24th
Kids with guns. Children as young as six-years-old are being armed and trained to fight drug cartels and organized crime in one part of western Mexico. The move is, not surprisingly, being slammed by human rights groups. 

L.A.'s mayor is in Washington D.C. today to try to work out a deal for federal resources to fight the homeless crisis. But will Eric Garcetti be able to secure the funds? And what will they actually be used for? Can the Feds and president Trump really help solve this massive problem? 

Water turns into wine but it's not a religious experience. Tens of thousands of gallons of red wine spill into the Russian River up in Sonoma County which could have a big impact on the water quality and life in the river. 

House managers are finishing up their opening statements in President Trump's impeachment trial. While Senate Republicans seem to have their minds made up already, are Democrats really speaking to the public in hopes of influencing the November election? Is the public paying attention? 

A new report finds people are getting lonelier. Working at home and social media might be the biggest reasons.