Karen Armstrong

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, May 16th
A woman in Southern California is fulfilling her late brother's dream through a foundation in his honor. 

Here's the KNX Hero of the Week: 

When Karen Armstrong lost her brother Kevin in 2005, it was hard - not only on her, but the family, and everyone around them: 

"It was tragic for so many reasons, for so many people," says Karen. 

Kevin was a mentor, a respected physician and pillar of the community. People Magazine even recognized him in 2002, as one of their "50 Most Eligible Bachelors." He was only 39 years old when he died suddenly from a rare heart condition.  

Karen tells me that after his passing, the family learned that he wanted to start a nonprofit where he grew up, in Santa Ana. 

"He wanted to help kids who wanted to play sports, but for some reason they lacked the needs to do so." 

So, Karen helped create the Kevin Armstrong, M.D. Memorial Sports Foundation, which she and a team of supporters have run for 14 years.

Karen tells me that Kevin realized the importance that organized sports can have in a young person's life.

"He wanted to give that back to the community. And now that he's not here, we are giving back in his honor." 

One of the foundation's biggest projects is the "RunStrong Project",  which has provided brand-new running shoes for thousands of kids in Santa Ana.

​"All of our kids who complete the program's requirements, get a new pair of running shoes." 

Karen says she's proud to fulfill her brother's dream: 

"To be able to tell Kevin's story on a regular basis, to young people... is helping me to stay encouraged, and motivated and strong, and focused. Because there's nothing like giving back and inspiring the next generation of kids. " 

We are proud to name Karen Armstrong as the KNX Hero of the Week! KNX Heroes presented by California Resources Corporation... saluting our military veterans, and all of our heroes. 

Heather Jordan, KNX 1070 News Radio.