Kamala Harris drops out--House Intel Comm tees up impeachment--your bank wants in on the personal data business

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, December 3rd
Kamala Harris, who climbed almost every wrung of political power here in California, who burst onto the Democratic presidential primary scene with a huge rally packing the streets of Oakland and who fearlessly took on Joe Biden in the first debate--today California's junior senator dropped out of the primary race.  How did a candidate who once seemed so promising and formidable sink so fast? 

The impeachment inquiry report shows, from the perspective of Democrats on the House Intelligence Community, a coordinated effort by President Trump and his allies to use taxpayer-funded foreign aid to Ukraine to squeeze that country's government to investigate Joe Biden.

In what's becoming a depressingly common occurrence, a dead sperm whale washed up on a Scottish island with a staggering 220-pounds of trash in its stomach, most of it plastics.

You know when you do a Google search for some product, and then suddenly you get bombarded with targeted ads for similar products? Yeah well your bank is getting in on that action, but instead of your search history, they're using your purchase habits.