Justine Chinn and Austin Franklin

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, April 2nd
Easing the anxiety caused by the coronavirus. 

A large group of medical students at UC-Irvine are reaching out to their fellow physicians to lend a hand, but in a way that's unexpected. 

The pandemic can be especially tough for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who have children at home while they work to save lives. In some cases, a baby-sitter is needed. In others, it's tutoring. Or walking the dog. Or buying groceries. 

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KNX 1070

At UC-Irvine, nearly all first-year medical students have moved to online classes. Because they do not have the clinical workload as their fellow classmates, first-year students tend to have a more flexible schedule. So, over a hundred UC-Irvine undergrads signed up to offer their free time to help those in need. 

"In general, we have 141," remarks Justine Chinn, who adds that some students are also from Western University. 

The idea for the service collection came to fruition through Justine Chinn and fellow classmate Austin Franklin. Franklin gathered the list of students able to help. Chinn reached out to department heads to find out what the needs were. A spreadsheet soon developed.

"We could go sign up and offer up our services," says first-year student Caroline Nore, who is helping a doctor with babysitting. "Errands, dog-walking, pet-sitting, child-care, anything like that. And then we were then matched with with employees, staff, nurses, and doctors in the medical center that were looking for some help." 

Chinn says the feedback from the medical staff has been incredible. 

"I think there's just been so much stress, anxiety, and fear around this time... and it's given them some hope." 

Going above and beyond. Organizing a plan to help those who are risking it all to save lives during this uncertain time - we are recognizing UCI medical students Justine Chinn and Austin Franklin as our KNX Heroes of the Week! 

KNX Heroes is brought to you by California Resources Corporation, saluting our military veterans, and all of our heroes! 

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