Jeremy Piven comes to In Depth to talk about his new stand-up career & argue that he's "collateral damage" in the #MeToo movement--and hackers are live streaming their break ins to home security cameras

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Thursday, December 12th
The "Me Too" movement has forced a lot of reckonings in Hollywood and in the course of that, some uncomfortable conversations.  You're going to hear one of those today: Actor, producer and new stand-up comic Jeremy Piven comes to In Depth, as he looks to launch a career pivot to comedy with several performances at comedy clubs around Southern California.  

Piven is a prolific actor and a multi-Emmy winner for his work on the incredibly popular series "Entourage."  But the acting roles seemed to dry up after eight women accused Piven of groping them and engaging in various forms of sexual misconduct.  So Jeremy Piven is in studio, on In Depth, talking about his career pivot and being confronted with those multiple allegations in this Me Too era.

[MIKE] A hacker breaks into the Ring security camera in the room of an 8-year-old girl in Memphis and has a creepy conversation with her; and it turns out there's a network of hackers who have been live streaming their take overs of home security cameras. 

California's energy commission has cleared the way for cities to take some extreme steps to cut carbon emissions, including the possibility of requiring all new buildings to have ZERO natural gas appliances.  And some industries, like restaurants, are not pleased.