Is the Democratic nomination race down to 3 + 1 (Bloomberg?)--Trump totally unconcerned with criticism over his interference in Roger Stone case--SNL legend, Darrell Hammond, comes to In Depth

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Wednesday, February 12th
After the muddled results from Iowa, New Hampshire provided some clarity for the Democrats vying to take on President Trump in November--and it's increasingly looking like a three person race to win the Democratic nomination between Sanders, Buttigieg and Klobuchar.  Ahh but hold on--there's also a Bloomberg waiting in the wings.

President Trump not only shows no signs of backing away from his involvement in the sentencing of his long-time adviser Roger Stone, he is downright unapologetic about it. 

And someone is killing dolphins, in pretty gruesome fashion, off of Florida's coast--the hunt is on for the killer.

Darrell Hammond was the go to performer for 14 years on Saturday Night Live. There was no improvisation he couldn't nail, no character he wasn't willing to take on.  But behind Hammond's comedy was a very turbulent and challenging past.

Hammond, now the voice of SNL, brings his live political podcast to the Hollywood Improv this weekend but first, he stops by In Depth to talk comedy, overcoming childhood trauma.......and Mitch McConnell reading Edgar Allen Poe.