indepth podcast february 19 2019

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, February 19th
Southwest Airlines was the plucky airline that upended the entire industry with its low cost, no frills approach to flying. But is that business model catching up with Southwest, as it pulls more of its planes out of service for extended maintenance and faces scrutiny from the FAA over how it is loading baggage onto its planes. Is Southwest earning its wings? We'll go In Depth.

The MeToo movement has come to West Hollywood, and it's aimed squarely at embattled Mayor John Duran, who's facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Some are asking: Should the same rules apply to accused gay men as to straight men?

And, if you can do 40 or more of this---you're probably doing just fine.

He's back. Bernie Sanders is making another run at the Democratic nomination for president, adding to an already crowded field of candidates. Can people in 2020 feel the BERN they felt the last time? We'll go In Depth on that.

One more thing to worry about for people in Southern California: the big one, but NOT THAT big one. We're talking MEGA-STORMS,.

And the Trump administration faces new ethics questions after reports that officials repeatedly tried to sell nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia.