Impeachment inquiry end game? What's a ghost gun? Will Israel's PM go to prison? And will any real cowboy's buy Tesla's electric pickup?

KNX In Depth
Thursday, November 21st
After three days of public impeachment inquiry hearings this week, the divisions between Democrats and Republicans on the House committee are clear: these hearings are either about upholding the rule of law against President Trump and his use of presidential powers for his own personal gain, or a gigantic hoax perpetrated by Democrats looking to kick President Trump out of the White House by any means necessary.

The shooter at Saugus High School last week used a "ghost gun" to kill several of his fellow students, casting focus on these cannibalized guns made up of individual parts with very little regulation--we'll look at why law enforcement are no fans of ghost guns.

Israelis, already unable to form a new government more than a month after their elections, now face a new political challenge: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicted on several criminal charges.

Tesla is rolling out a new electric pickup truck tonight, but who's the target audience?  Will middle American embrace a green pickup, or should you expect to see a lot of hipster L.A. wannabe cowboys cruising in Tesla pickups?