Impeachment inquiry brings Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo charges to the frontlines--plus, Danny Trejo gets personal on how he overcame addiction

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, November 20th
There are many that think today could be the worst day in the Donald Trump's presidency.


Because a Trump appointee who donated a million dollars to the president's inaugural committee testified at the impeachment inquiry hearing that he believed there was indeed a "quid pro quo" demanded by President Trump of the Ukrainians:  Investigate Joe Biden and his family and get a White House visit for Ukraine's president.

Long before Danny Trejo was a successful actor, businessman and restaurateur, he was in and out California prisons and addicted to drugs.  Fast forward to 2019 and Trejo is celebrating 51 years of sobriety and a remarkable rebound in his life.  Trejo is going to talk to an opioid addiction conference tomorrow but before that, he comes in studio to In Depth for an emotional conversation about what it took for him to overcome addiction and the lessons he wants to pass along to other people struggling with addiction.