If a tiger can catch COVID-19, can your pets catch it....and give it to you? -- Keeping drinking water supplies safe during the coronavirus outbreak -- Rocky rollout to economic stimulus programs

KNX In Depth
Monday, April 6th
Underscoring the reality that there's still so much we don't know about the novel coronavirus, we got curveball over the weekend: a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19, and several other big cats are showing symptoms. Does that prove humans can pass along the virus to animals........and what about vice versa?

As the wide-spread shelter in place orders stretch toward the one-month mark, our anxieties are growing.......and so are our bad habits.  Rates of alcohol and marijuana use are spiking; and alarmingly, so are calls to suicide prevention hotlines. We'll check in on how our mental health is holding up.

We're asking on today's show if our drinking water supplies are safe during this outbreak, and this is a two part question: can the virus live in drinking water, and are what are water treatment plants doing to keep their operations uninterrupted during a national lock-down? 

And the economic stimulus programs meant to prop up Americans and small businesses have stumbled out of the gate. We'll get a progress report on how loans, grants and individual payments are going.