How will the T-Mobile-Sprint mega merger impact your cell phone bill?--PG&E wants an extra $1.4 billion from its customers for wildfire costs--Trump tweets about his pal Roger Stone and suddenly the DOJ has a change of heart

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, February 11th
Even if you're not a Sprint or T-Mobile customer, the merger of these two massive wireless companies--which was just given the final green light by a federal judge--will likely impact you if you own a cell phone.  Competition will be impacted, prices will likely be going up.........but new 5G wireless networks might get a boost. 

In other news about prices going up, Northern California electric utility Pacific Gas and Electric has asked permission to raise its customers rates by nearly 1-and-a-half-billion-dollars......and it probably won't be long before SoCal Edison does the same for us down here.

And it could be a lost alien race trying to communicate with us....or it could be a dying  neutron star.  But something is sending out radio signals from deep space toward earth.....

Federal prosecutors were asking that Roger Stone, long-time confidant of President Trump, be sentenced from 7 to 9 years to jail for lying to Congress.  But then President Trump sent a tweet complaining about the "unfair" treatment of his friend, and then the Justice Department moved to scale back Stone's recommended sentence. 

And a lawsuit filed by a homeless man against the city of Los Angeles that charges harassment might just change how police interact with the city's homeless population.